white dove warms the engines and how! Spain’s representative at the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 has already begun her countdown to the big day and when it’s time to shed her skin on stage, she’s taken to her theme Hey.

From creating the most intimate moments in acoustics to standing on stage with his dancers and leaving us speechless with his shows. Of course If there’s one thing he knows, it’s surprising his audience. And that’s exactly what he did at the Platinum Awards gala held this Saturday in Madrid.

The representative of Spain opted for a classic style, but with a longer introduction, around 30 seconds, with rhythms reminiscent of Arabic music. But she didn’t do it alone, Blanca Paloma was accompanied by several dancers and choristers who helped her make her staging even more spectacular.

Con a white jumpsuit which is most striking due to the endless ruffles Chosen to adorn her sleeves, the artist took to the stage and showed off the confidence she has when it comes to singing. And it is that, as assured by a user on Twitter, we have no doubt that Eurovision is going to be eaten.

A nice surprise at the end

Although if we think we’ve seen it all, the representative of Spain wanted to put the finishing touches to her stellar appearance with a few kind words to Carlos Saura, the filmmaker who died last February, a day before the Goya Awards 2023 where was to receive the honorary award.

“It is very special and at the same time difficult to be here tonight at the first Platino Awards without one of the figures of our cinema, Carlos Saura, an artist who, among other things, portrayed flamenco like no one else . So tonight my It’s been for him, just like that applause,” he said, sending the entire room into applause.

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