A man has been arrested for trespassing on private property with bystanders and is now facing a stealth charge of voyeurism.

The incident happened on March 15 at the Publix supermarket, located at 3339 West 80th Street in Hialeah Gardens.

According to the arrest report, 29-year-old Thiago Alejandro Naitefauch, this evidence is in a security video authorities obtained from the supermarket.

According to the indictment, the man was in the women’s bathroom for about two hours, looking under the doors at different women.

It was one of the victims of this man, now accused of voyeurism, who warned the administration of the establishment and described what happened.

After being confronted, Naitefauch reportedly left the scene, but the following day he was arrested, having been identified there again.

Earlier this month, the man faced another voyeurism charge which was dismissed.

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