A Nicaraguan activist denounces a threat in Miami from someone close to the Nicaraguan regime whom the authorities are investigating.

These are the images that Nicaraguan activist Milton González captured after denouncing the threats he received from a Sandinista member close to the Ortega Murillo dictatorship outside his home in Miami.

“An FSLN member identified as a Sandinista came here, he came to the sidewalk of my house to threaten me,” González said.

Marco Carmona, Secretary General of the Permanent Commission on Human Rights, said: “We are going to accompany the people who have lodged complaints so that they act in this serious situation. This same gentleman has a baseball league sponsored by Laureano Ortega”.

And it is that in recent months several human rights organizations have publicly denounced the dangerous infiltration of members of the Sandinista party in our community.

“We have received approximately 64 complaints from Nicaraguan citizens who are concerned because they have identified and found themselves and these people are threatening them. After this threat, they called the police, a report was filed and they are investigating.

Despite the intimidation and threats, González assures that he will continue to denounce the regime, its relatives and its straw men.

“We will continue to fight against tyranny, dictatorship here, the laws are respected, they cannot invade private property.”

And while the investigation continues, this activist appeals to the Nicaraguan community.

“There are paramilitaries among us, the Nicaraguan community must be careful, it could be your neighbors, be careful, they do not hesitate to commit a criminal act.”

With all these complaints, the Permanent Commission on Human Rights assures that it is preparing a report to send to the State Department and the immigration authorities so that they can act.

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