Lavinia Tiana Mounga is a woman who one day decided to go on vacation, not knowing that she would soon have an incredible and unimaginable experience: became a mother.

The funny thing about the story is that it all happened inside a passenger plane on the move heading to Hawaii. Everything was revealed through the social network Tik Tok by user Julia Hansen.

Although delivery cannot be observed, if caught the moment everyone applauds Mounga after the labor and assured that the now happy grandfather told him whatand not even they, much less the mother, knew about the pregnancy, but they would celebrate it big.

For her part, a Kansas City nurse revealed that the peculiar scene took place in the bathroom of the plane, and that the baby was between 26 and 27 weeks.

This achievement, in addition, was assisted by NICU nurses, a physician assistant, and a family medicine physicianLani Bamfield reported.

On most airlines, it is recommended not to travel with a pregnancy between week 32 and 36, even extending until week 37; In others, it is even necessary to present a medical certificate to verify that you can fly, while in others, they will only check that you do not have a high-risk or multiple pregnancy, of course the rules vary according to the airline, so it is recommended visit their rules.

Woman gave birth aboard a plane bound for Hawaii (Photo: Facebook @HawaiiPacificHealth)

Woman gave birth aboard a plane bound for Hawaii (Photo: Facebook @HawaiiPacificHealth)

Ethan Magalei is the name of the father of the baby who was born on the plane. According to his most recent Facebook post, the baby was born three hours after landing, and together with their mother, they were immediately taken to the nearest hospital in the area.

In addition, I detail that it was a birth aboard a Delta flight from Salt Lake City, in the state of Utah, United States, and to Honolulu, in Hawaii. It even confirmed the fact that they never found out about the pregnancy. He also claimed to be “nervous, scared, anxious, excited, shocked.”

“Giving thanks doesn’t do justice to how grateful I am that God put everyone on that flight to be there for Lavi, his family and our son. I have no words to express my gratitude, ”he wrote.

The baby will also bear the name of Raymond Kaimana Wade Kobe Lavaki Mounga, confirmed even by Lavinia’s own sisters on their social networks.

“Our lives have changed forever and things are going to be challenging, but with faith and work everything will be beautiful (…) I want to thank Lavinia Tiana Mounga. I can’t imagine the emotions you’ve been feeling. Thank you for being there for me and being there physically with our son, ”he wrote to end.

woman gave birth aboard a plane bound for Hawaii (Photo: Facebook @HawaiiPacificHealth)

woman gave birth aboard a plane bound for Hawaii (Photo: Facebook @HawaiiPacificHealth)

Lavinia’s direct family, meanwhile, started a collection through Go Found MeSince your stay in Hawaii will take much longer than expected, and the procedures to bring a baby by plane are not easy.

For the above, his sisters they set a goal of $ 20,000, But to date, a total of 72 donors have raised $ 5,340.

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