I’m not here to get into the typical debate about whether auto-aim is a mechanic that upsets the balance between the different platforms that Modern Warfare 2 can be played on. In fact, I’m I’ll walk on tiptoe to avoid the problem. and jump straight into what I want to talk to you about here; even if it is true that it must do with the aim assist offered by the controls when playing the title.

The thing is, from what the portal companions have collected Dexertoa Modern Warfare 2 expert tinkered with it graphics settings of the game to find one that has a significant influence on auto-aiming. Then I leave you with all the details you need to know about it so that you can also take advantage of this trick.

The graphics option you need to touch to improve auto aim in MW2

  • The tip in question was shared by subliners en TikTok
  • This trick should do with modification of the FOV in the graphics options of Modern Warfare 2
  • The thing is in the multiplayer mode of the game, the FOV does not influence so much, so it is not necessary to have it too high
  • Moreover, if we have it in a value greater than 100, the automatic aiming system will have a harder time tracking the target and, therefore, we will miss more shots
  • Therefore, you must go to graphics options and make sure FOV is set to 100
  • For those who know: FOV translates to Field of View. Or, translated into Christian, the wide field of vision that will appear on our screen when reading

How to change FOV in Modern Warfare 2?

  • The good thing is that the way to change the FOV is the same on all platforms
  • First, you will need to access the options menu
    • On consoles, this is done by pressing the start button
    • On PC we can click on the small menu that appears in the upper right corner of the screen
  • One time over there, We have to go through the menus until we access the settings
  • Inside we must go to graphics tab
  • Going through the options, we will see that there is one called ”visual field”
  • It is the one that allows us to adjust the FOV depending on the screen you are playing on

I tried this trick and, really, it shows quite a difference. I hope this information has been useful to you!

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