VShow each Fifa the stage of the TOTS starts with the team of the season chosen by the community. Ultimate Team lovers are in luck because every week we will have new teams of the season from different leagues.

last year in FIFA 22 we had letters like Louis Surez, even at Atlético de Madrid, Zaha (Crystal Palace) o The door (Manchester City) among the most important. in this FIFA 23 these ‘TOTS Community’ they are also loaded with big names.

Some of the best players in this first team inaugurating the TOTS stadium are:

  • Gabriel Jesse (Manchester City)
  • Rodrygo goes (Real Madrid)
  • Kingsley Coman (Bayern of Munich)
  • Alexis Sanchez (Olympic Marseille)

We also want to highlight some defensive cards such as Robertson (Liverpool), Kim Min Jae (Naples) or Nathan Ak (Manchester City). Another of the defenders is available to complete in DCP and is Uruguayan centre-back Bara: Ronald Araujo’s TOTS Moments.

There letter ALL that can be obtained for free by completing the requested objectives is that of the mediocentro brasileo Joelinton (Newcastle). A very complete midfield for the premier league also measuring 1.86 meters.

Xavi Simons and Tadic, the references of the Eredivise TOTS

The best Dutch league players are now also available in packs. It is a team in which the Dutch central defender Geertuida (Feyeenord) stands out with 90 pace, 91 defense and 91 physicality.

Additionally, we also have Xavi Simons (PSV) and Dusan Tadic (Ajax). The latter stands out as they gave him a watermark of 5 stars with stats that don’t drop below 90 except for defense and physicality.

The best season pass in FUT history

In addition to all these letters, this Thursday April 27 We got the start of the sixth season of Ultimate Tam and it was loaded with some nice surprises. It is one of best season passes in FIFA history. By playing matches you can get big wraps or players just for achieve the objectives and progress through the levels.

Here are some of the most notable rewards:

  • Level 5: Reyna TOTS Moments or a 5-player 85+ pack
  • Level 10: Payet TOTS Moments or a package of 10 players 85+
  • Level 15: Caicedo TOTS Moments or 15 Player Wrap 83+
  • Level 20: Birthday Desailly FUT or a TOTS pick from the major leagues

At level 25 you must also nominate that you can get the card from the Sevilla FC of jess navas Flashback or a 5-player pack with a rating of 85 or higher. Finally, all people who manage to reach level 30 will be able to choose between the Rooney Futbirthday or a choice between TOTS Premier, La Liga and Ligue 1 +90.

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