Illegal Immigration Bill Advances Through Florida Legislature

Illegal Immigration Bill Advances Through Florida Legislature

Protests and fears were seen over the illegal immigration bill passing through the committees of the state legislature.

The sponsor calls it the most comprehensive and strong anti-illegal immigration bill ever introduced by a state government.

An immigration lawyer tells us what else a state can do about immigration, which is a purely federal matter.

Among immigrant communities, there is much rejection and concern over Florida’s illegal immigration bill, which includes a section against human trafficking, and makes it a crime to transport or to harbor someone who entered the country illegally, which created this fear. .

He will charge a person who drives his car or who has an undocumented person living in his house.

Maureen Porras, an immigration lawyer and city councilor for Doral, has studied the proposal and does not explain that it has certain requirements.

“There are these two requirements of not only having entered illegally, but also of not having been detected. I think it’s going to be more difficult than that applies to a lot of people, because most of the immigrants that we see, even if they entered illegally, were prosecuted.

The law would also require private companies to use the E-verify system to confirm the legal status of people they hire and allow law enforcement to conduct random audits to ensure they are following the law and, if they cannot, they impose fines. and they can also prohibit and terminate the licenses of these companies.

The proposal requires that the hospitals that accept the Medicaid obtain information about the migratory status of the patients, including in the emergencia room, and the interview with the periodical status of a record of the cost of treatment to the undocumented immigrants, pero prohibiting revealing the numbers of the patients.

“It also requires the hospital to indicate that this information will not be disclosed to immigration authorities and will not affect the medical service they will receive.”

But he fears there are consequences beyond the legal ones. I think many immigrants will not go to hospitals and receive this medical treatment for fear of collecting this information and passing it on to immigration.

What the bill does not include is the money it will cost to do all of this.

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