Illegal racing in Las Vegas: If you do donuts or burn tires, it could cost you dearly

Illegal racing in Las Vegas: If you do donuts or burn tires, it could cost you dearly

A new effort by Clark County officials with police is aimed at cracking down on illegal racing and reckless driving.

The project involves cutting strips on the roads, which are safe for drivers, but designed to prevent street racing, speeding and donut maneuvers, which could cause serious tire damage.

The initial location chosen for the rumble strip design is the intersection of US 93 and Grand Valley Parkway, approximately 2 miles west of Interstate 15. The intersection is a hotspot known for street events, which creates problems for businesses and tankers traveling through the area. In fact, the tanker drivers were threatened by the drivers, according to the authorities.

Police are reportedly monitoring activity at this intersection, if this method proves successful they may begin to deploy on other southern Nevada roads.

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