ICE frees Cuban Doctor detained in Louisiana for 2 Years

ICE frees Cuban Doctor detained in Louisiana for 2 Years

A Cuban doctor who came to the United States trying to escape the Castro regime was released after two years of being arrested in a detention center of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Service (ICE) in Louisiana.

In accordance with Telemundo 51, the Cuban, identified as Miguel Hevia, was locked up during all that time in the detention center, from which denounced his case and demanded his freedom along with dozens of West Indians who were going through the same thing.

During an interview with the media, the Cuban assured that he was desperate, because during all that time the authorities did not let him go to North American soil and they did not return him to Cuba, so he could not see or help his family on the island .

“I do not believe it, because a month ago I thought I was never going to get out of there,” said the doctor.

Despite his happiness, the Antillean has limited freedom, as he can leave the detention center, but the US authorities have ordered him to wear an electronic shackle and he has received several restrictions from ICE officials.

“They put a shackle on me for a supervision that ICE is going to do. But hey, I’m super happy,” Hevia assured.

For his part, the Cuban’s lawyer indicated that although Hevia has a deportation order, with this new supervision scheme he can earn a work permit on North American soil and eventually apply for an immigration pardon or reopen his case to avoid be returned to the communist island.

The Spanish-speaking media also indicated that in the last three years the number of Cubans deported to the Caribbean island by ICE has increased considerably, so Hevia is fortunate to have that opportunity.

The doctor is currently in West Palm Beach, where he resides with his brother and plans to fight to remain in the US.

Due to the restrictions imposed by the immigration authorities, the young person will have to go regularly to the nearby ICE centers for constant reviews and checks, in order to maintain his work permit and other benefits in the United States.

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