The Perfume that Shakira prefers to wear will surprise you!

The Perfume that Shakira prefers to wear will surprise you!

The Colombian singer Shakira took to her social networks to reveal which of her perfumes she prefers to use.

The Barranquilla woman surprised her loyal followers with her favorite fragrance, as many thought that its cost would be very high.As published The NY Journal, it is ‘Dance Midnight’, a fragrance with floral scents that she wears every day, which has an impressively cheap cost.

It costs only $11 dollars.It is worth mentioning that this product is part of her line of fragrances that bear her name and that she made a collection together with a one called ‘Rock’ and ‘S’ that she has previously presented to her public.

Last September, Shakira promoted the launch of this new fragrance with a sensual commercial. Shakira’s provocative dance to the rhythm of the song Trap that she did in duet with Maluma is the main inspiration for her new collection.

In a tight black dress, the artist holds in her hands a bottle of Dance Midnight perfume that joins a trio of fragrances whose names are: Dance Diamonds, Dance Moonlight and Dance. The public can find the new perfumes in the 50 and 80 milliliter formats.

According to the promotion of the web portal Shakira Perfumes, Dance Midnight is “the most seductive version of Dance and is inspired by one of the artist’s most characteristic movements.”

The scent of the perfume “is perfect to uninhibit, dance and unleash all passions. It has citric notes combined with florals and aromatic nuances of cocoa and vanilla that increase the duration of the perfume on the skin”.

Dance Midnight perfume can be found on Amazon United States with a value starting at $30, not including shipping costs.

Last March, as a result of the most critical stage of the pandemic, Barranquilla allocated the production of its perfume company to make antibacterial gel with alcohol concentrations of more than 70% and in this way contribute to avoiding coronavirus infections.

Shakira took the initiative after the French luxury group LVMH (made up of big brands such as Louis Vuitton, Dior, Givenchy and Guerlain) started the production of antibacterial gel, using the alcohol they used to make perfumes.

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