There is something that hurts my heart; I was one of those people defended Hyper Scape to the death…almost literally, as the game’s servers were shut down a few months ago and the game went into a limbo of titles that could have been and weren’t. The ideas for this battle royale were very fresh, it had its own tone that set it apart from the rest, and its intentions were clearly aimed at blowing it up on every level. That’s why I was so scared with XDefiant before trying it a few days ago.

For those of you who don’t know exactly what I’m talking about, XDefiant is the new multiplayer shooter that Ubisoft has been working on for a few months now and has had other behind closed doors tests in which I I had the chance to participate. My feeling both before I started not knowing what to expect and after playing it for a few hours was clear: This is one of those games that will crash or no one will remember months after release. and then I explain why.

XDefiant explained in 6 keys

  • XDefiant is a first-person shooter where the action happens at full speed 1⃣
  • He is listed as an arena shooter, so the shots take place on small maps where you have to meet a specific objective 2⃣
  • Games are 6 versus 6 players 3⃣
  • The interesting thing about XDefiant is that we can choose between different factions and each of them will have their own characteristic abilities 4⃣
  • That means he doesn’t become a hero shooter, because the skills aren’t too crazy, but it’s also not a conventional shooter 5⃣
  • The game is expected see the light at some point to be confirmed in 2023 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S 6⃣

Why would XDefiant crash?

  • XDefiant is a very accessible game and lets you make great games soon after you start it
  • Besides, the action that happens in the matches of the game is constant: there will not be a single second during which you do not shoot yourself with someone
  • Find a very good balance between offering an element that differentiates it from other games such as the abilities of each faction
  • Also, these are simple enough to understand what they do out of the box
  • I know that says a lot but XDefiant’s game pace reminded me of the good old days of Call of Duty
xdefiant 2

Why can XDefiant fail?

While it’s true that the game will be released in a free to play format (which is a good entry point for a lot of people) and that according to Ubisoft itself it will have plenty of post-launch support, I’m afraid XDefiant won’t be able to grab enough people’s attention enough to last longer than other titles that try and fail.

The ingredients are there: it’s a very dynamic game, with fresh ideas and, at the same time, he knows what other games he has to watch to shine. But I don’t know if that’s enough on its own. We’ve reached a point where the industry is so oversaturated with offerings that I can’t say if XDefiant will find a foothold when it comes out. What I know, It’s that I’ll be there first to try again, because I wanted more.

xdefiant 3


What a bittersweet feeling you get in your body when you see that you liked a game, but know that its success depends on factors outside of it. When XDefiant will be unearthed will face the toughest test every multiplayer video game as a service faces these days: making sure the big guys don’t end up swatting it like a fly. Because, in that sense, XDefiant is a game with a lot of potential for the future, but I don’t know how promising it is. I hope with all my might that this game will not become another one ”he could have been” from Ubisoft, I sincerely hope.

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