We still have over a week until the end of April and almost a month before the confirmation of the May PS Plus games, but sony sometimes he surprises and reveals a title well in advance. They did this, for example, with Bye, indie game that landed at launch on the PlayStation service.

Well, this month of April they have already wanted to surprise with the first game has been confirmed to arrive on the service sometime in May. Do you wanna know what it is? Check!

First PS Plus game confirmed May 2023

This happened Twitter where PlayStation confirmed that this previously announced game was announced for PS Plus:

  • It’s a game called Humanity, of which I leave you more information below
  • Coming to PS Plus May 16, which is only the launch of the game, so it will be in service from day 1
  • Will be available only for PlayStation Plus Extra or Premium subscribers
  • Although this game has already been confirmed, they will confirm the rest of the titles coming to the service in May later

What is Humanity talking about?

This is a crazy puzzle game in which you have to control a mass of people and overcome obstacles with them. You recruit and make the greatest mass, being able to overcome more obstacles and therefore levels. A real headache, yes, but it looks pretty amusing. I recommend you to try!

It is developed by Improve games, game creators like Ground floor and the famous Tetris Effect, so little joke with the fame of the study.

May 2023 PS Plus games announcement date

Next, I leave you with all the important dates for the month of May with regard to PlayStation Plus:

  • PS Plus Essential: the games will be announced on April 26 and will be available on May 2
  • Additional PS Plus: the games that will be added to the catalog (in addition to Humanity) the next one will be announced in May May 10 and will be available on May 16

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