The wait has been long, and it is that they have judged our feelings on several occasions… but it seems that each time this dream that seemed unrealizable comes closer, come back Grand Prize and now for real! After announcing it just a year ago Ramón García and Ibai Llanos with a streaming return via Twich, the legendary RTVE program La 1 has now confirmed its return, but on small screens.

For more than 10 years, The summer of all Spaniards was accompanied by one of the most emblematic contests on televisionhowever, overnight it disappeared from television programming, leaving us heartbroken.

However, now that the RTVE Board of Directors has approved this Thursday the production of a new edition of the Grand PrizeWhat will return this summer with tests already more than established and that we all remember, and other novelties that will appeal to all young people.

Spain’s best-known and most popular format, produced by RTVE in collaboration with EuroTV Producciones, returns 18 years after its last broadcast. It was 1995 when it was first released and it aired continuously until 2005.

Everything we know and all the questions to answer

As explained The worldso far, seven programs have been approved Grand Prize for this summer by a total cost of 3,800,000 euros plus VAT, i.e. 542,000 euros per issue. It is precisely this high price that would have delayed its premiere several times by the legendary presenter of La 1 and fashion streaming.

Those who have already seen the show know the existence of the mythical tests in the swimming pool, the one with the crazy trunks or the one with the heifer. However, in the Grand Prize this summer the test in which the competitors fought the animal in a small square will not be present and it is that, in this edition, the heifer will not be present.

Will Ramón García present the Grand Prize? This is one of the questions that fans of the program have asked the most and the truth is that it is not closed yet. The only thing we know for sure is that there will be a male and female presenter. And Ibai Llanos? Well, while he’s also been one of the most talked about contestants in recent months, now might be the perfect time for him to make the leap to TV, or just comment on it since his comfort zone.

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