A long time ago, no one considered the necessity of having to scale our subscriptions to online platforms streaming and choose only those who contribute to us. But there are so many services right now that it’s impossible to pay for them all. For this reason, we’re looking for stuff like crazy to save on our Netflix subscription and other appswhen the simplest thing is to use common sense.

OK, the price of netflix It’s high, but there are a series of questions that can help you pay less. Do I have to pay for Netflix all year round? Do I live with family? Can I enjoy 4K playback quality? By answering these questions, I assure you that it will be much easier to save on your Netflix subscription than you imagine.

How much does Netflix cost?

Ad-FREE Netflix

We are talking about the traditional version of Netflix, the one that does not contain advertisements. The main difference is the playback quality (HD, Full HD and UHD) and the number of simultaneous screens (1, 2 or 3). Besides, keep in mind that you cannot share Netflix with friends:

  • Netflix base price WITHOUT ads in 2023: 7.99 euros per month.
  • Netflix standard price WITHOUT ads in 2023: 12.99 euros per month.
  • Price of Netflix Premium WITHOUT ads in 2023: 17.99 euros per month.

Netflix WITH advertising

The Netflix Basic plan with ads It is a subscription that allows us to access a more restricted catalog (95% of all Netflix films, series, programs and documentaries as promised by the platform), in exchange for consuming advertising. In 2023, Its playback quality has been improved to Full HD and now allows 2 simultaneous screens.

  • Netflix price WITH advertising in 2023: 5.49 euros per month.
Ad-supported mode lets you save on your Netflix subscription

Tips to save on your Netflix subscription

Tip 1: Select the Netflix rate that best suits your profile

This is the most obvious trick, but sometimes we pay more than we should. Imagine that you have contracted the subscription to Netflix for 17.99 euros per month. Ask yourself if you really need 4K playback quality and up to 3 simultaneous screens from the same IP address. If you only watch Netflix on cellphones or tabletsthe Full HD playback quality of the package at 12.99 euros per month is sufficient, and if it’s important to you a cumin The resolutionyou can even go down to the flat rate of 7.99 euros per month if the use of the platform is individual. Are you interested in advertising? Pay only 5.49 euros per month!

Tip 2: Share Netflix with family

So far, you only use Netflix at home, but your brother or your parents want to share an account with you. Instead of paying for 2 accounts, you can enjoy Netflix with them and share the 17.99 euros of the Premium plan, up to 3 people. This is the best method to save on your Netflix subscriptionthis is why simultaneous screens exist.

family netflix
Share Netflix with family or friends living at home

Tip 3: Pay Netflix only when you need it

How long has it been since you watched Netflix? Even if it doesn’t look like it, 8, 13 or 18 euros per month in your bank account is a lot of money at the end of the year (around 100, 150 or 220 euros). If you only watch certain series and don’t mind being without access to Netflix the rest of the time, consider turning off the automatic renewal of your subscription. and save money.

Tip 4: Is Netflix included with your carrier?

With some telephone companies, such as Vodafone or Movistar+, a Netflix subscription is included with your landline, internet and television package. Going further, it is sometimes better to pay the streaming platform through the operators than individually. Of course, you should check the latter out for yourself, as the offers change.

netflix gift cards
What if you asked for a gift card as a birthday present?

Tip 5: Ask for a Netflix gift card to pay for your subscription

Finally, when it’s time to have a birthday, Sometimes the best gift is for a family member to buy you a gift card to pay for Netflix with.. And we assure you that in many cases, with this freebie, you won’t have to deal with the streaming platform for a long time.

With these 5 tips, saving will be much easier: Although the price of Netflix has increased in recent months, it’s as simple as getting organized and learning to pay only for what you need.

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