April is a time to highlight eco-responsible and environmentally conscious decision-making to help protect the planet.

April is known as Earth Month, an event celebrated for decades. He is dedicated to raising awareness of environmental issues and creating best practices that benefit the environment.

Within Earth Month, there is also Earth Day which is celebrated annually on April 22. The first Earth Day was officially celebrated in 1970 as a day of recognition for the modern environmental movement.

Every year, NASA and NOAA measure the average temperature of the entire Earth. The results of recent years show a worrying trend that affects the whole planet

Since then, significant adjustments have been made in the United States in an effort to limit the carbon footprint that vehicles, businesses and people leave on the planet.

The non-profit association, EarthDay.Org, was created after the celebration of the first Earth Day and each year sets a theme for the day. This year’s theme is: Investing in our planet.

The idea behind the theme is that if everyone is united in the environmental fight, together we can invest in our planet. EarthDay.Org provides multiple resources on how people can take action and have an impact.

Being more environmentally conscious doesn’t have to be hard, it starts with the little things.

Various organizations in Los Angeles hold events and campaigns to celebrate Earth Month and Earth Day.

Earth Day Events in Los Angeles

  • Earth Day Summit 2023: The Earth Day Summit in downtown Los Angeles is one of the most popular Earth Day events in the city. It will take place on April 21 to help people get into the spirit before the actual day. The summit will include guest speakers, sustainable brands, environmental leaders and more. Please use this link for more information.
  • Community tree planting event: The Bell Gardens Public Works Department will host a community tree planting event on April 22 in Darwell and Gallant Parks. The events will take place the morning before the city’s scheduled Earth Day festival. For more information about the event, contact the Bell Gardens Public Works Department at (562) 806-7700.
  • Earth Day celebration of meditation and movement in nature: The Black Women for Wellness organization will host an interactive fluid movement and nature recording session in Culver City. The event will take place on April 22. Please use this link for more information.
  • 2023 Earth Day Beach Party and Cleanup: There will be a public beach cleanup at Hermosa Beach on April 23 hosted by the Beach Bound team and other community groups. Please use this link for more information.
  • Earth Day Celebration: The Cerritos Towne Center invites families and their children to an Earth Day celebration on April 23 for crafts, games, face painting and environmental organizations. Please use this link for more information.

Ways to Collaborate with Earth Conservation

  • Turn off the faucet while you brush your teeth.
  • Turn off the thermostat when you’re not home
  • Reduce the use of single-use plastics (glasses, plates, utensils, straws)
  • Cycling or walking instead of driving a car
  • Volunteer cleaning beaches and parks
  • Donate to environmental justice organizations
  • Buy more ecological products (glass containers, biodegradable straws, organic food, etc.)

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