VSis usual in Kings League InfoJobs programs, the puyitas again flew over the plateau of Oriol Querol and Gerard Piqu. Although Iker Casillas is one of the most absent owners when it comes to exposure, in Monday’s edition of ‘Mercato Kings’ he grabbed all the spotlight with endless commentary that raised eyebrows. “OPAAA”s of his new Thebes.

Even though many of his talks already go straight to Kings League InfoJobs Olympus, one of his highlights of the afternoon was when between anchovies and anchovies He decided to drop a bombshell which left Ibai Llanos stunned: “I don’t want to take it off because I have it small.”

Romn Alegre, indirect protagonist of the controversy between Iker Casillas and Gerard Romero

But now is not the time to talk about Ibai Llanos, but rather one of his best partners on the Kings League InfoJobs set. Indeed, we hear Gerard Romero, who made no purchases or sales during Monday’s ‘Mercato Kings’. The Catalan journalist had done his homework before deciding to sit next to Adri Contreras on the sofa.

The game that lit it all up was moved by Saiyans FC, as TheGrefg paid the clause for one of Iker Casillas’ top players. Centre-back Romn Alegre had plenty of girlfriends during this Kings League InfoJobs transfer market, but his high clause (83 million) took away a lot of incentive for him to sign.. However, the Murcian showed no regard when signing him.

Iker Casillas’ haka to prevent Gerard Romero from a clause

Those 83 million who moved from Saiyans FC to 1K FC gave Iker Casillas the power to play with his future recruits. There’s a week left on the market and the Real Madrid exporter has given Gerard Romero endless winks and hintsto the point of mentioning it directly and featuring a light exchange of words that snapped the reporter out of his reverie.

The Kings League InfoJobs transfer market has so far come to a halt at once Llus Alsina such as Ivn at Jijantes FC, but the millions are still overflowing into the coffers of the clubs and Iker Casillas has already made it known. One of these players will jump ship from Gerard Romero to sign for 1K FC, provided they are the only team to pay the clause.

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