How to avoid getting burned like Shawn Mendes in Mexico this season

How to avoid getting burned like Shawn Mendes in Mexico this season

The one that Shawn Mendes screwed up! Any dermatologist would give her a good time, and rightly so! The musical star spent a few days in Mexico, as we could see on his social networks, enjoying some of the most mythical places in the country. Of course, as we could see in the last photos he published, the artist took the opportunity to go sightseeing.

Indeed, the singer visited some temples in the region, taking advantage of its bookstores and some restaurants. Come on, you enjoyed like another tourist. And what happens to the tourists? Especially those with fair skin. Well, they end up like shrimp because of the sun’s rays and because they don’t protect themselves properly.

In the photo gallery shared by the Canadian, we can see how it ended: totally burned. The interpreter of Everything will be alright appears with completely red chest, arms and neck, a consequence of exposure to the sun. The torso, which appears with nothing, is white, as he wore a tank top during his visit. Come on, the whole shape of the garment marked on his body remained.

How could he have avoided burning?

So that this Easter holiday—when the sun will start to shine and a lot of people will take advantage of it to go sightseeing—the same thing that happened to Shawn doesn’t happen to you, we spoke with our colleague Raquel Lorenzo, cosmetics expert, so that she can give us some advice.

To avoid this situation, Raquel is clear: “You should always use protection 50 or more. “Every two or three hours you should reapply the protector.

How to treat this area?

Once we are exhausted, there is not much to do. Raquel’s advice to us is: “Don’t let the sun shine on that area and apply moisturizer like there’s no tomorrow. All red areas will peel since this area needs to be regenerated.”

Shawn isn’t the only one who’s been burned these days. A few weeks ago, just before her wedding, Lele Pons was totally red from being too exposed to the sun. Thus, the star of social networks appeared with burned skin during her marriage to Guaynaa. And it is that sun protection and shade are your best allies in this type of case.

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