Hiba Abouk speaks for the first time and confirms his divorce from Achraf Hakimi

Hiba Abouk speaks for the first time and confirms his divorce from Achraf Hakimi

“Today, I feel compelled to release this statement to express my state of mind and clarify in first person the misinformation that is circulating,” as well Hiba Abouk broke his silence almost a month after the prosecutor’s office in the French city of Nanterre opened an investigation against footballer Achraf Hakimi.

The actress has declined to comment in recent weeks on the information that circulated about her husband after receiving a complaint of rape by a woman of the same age and, later, a formal accusation.

However, it was today that she wanted to clear up all the news that had surrounded her over the past month, saying that although “on certain sensitive issues or matters, silence can favor”, she had to talk to be able to resume his “personal, public and professional life in the least harmful and traumatic way possible”. Likewise, the actress made a point of affirming that all this, she does it “to protect her children above all”, who are her “absolute priority”.

Hiba Abouk confirms her divorce

The interpreter known for his participation in series such as The prince She assured that before all the events in which she was “involved in the media” and of which she is “totally unaware”, the father of her children and she had already made the decision “to end our relationship”. .

Hiba said that after making the difficult decision to separate and stop living together, pending divorce proceedings, You never could have imagined the pain would multiply“In addition to facing the well-known pain caused by a separation, and accepting the mourning caused by the failure of a family project to which I had given myself body and soul, I would have to face this ignominy,” he wrote. “I needed time to digest this shock,” he said.

Hiba Abouk speaks for the first time. / Instagram @hiba_abouk_

Finally, he wanted to emphasize that in his life he has always been and will be “on the side of the victims”. Similarly, “given the seriousness of the charges, one can only rely on the good conduct of justice”. Finally, he wanted to ask them to respect his privacy and that of his children in “these delicate circumstances” and he thanked all the people who showed him love and support.

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