How much would it cost to get the full catalog of Wii U and 3DS games?  These are the numbers

How much would it cost to get the full catalog of Wii U and 3DS games? These are the numbers

A player offered data on the figures he paid to have the catalog of games for both consoles

As we see, with the arrival of new consoles, there are many that become obsolete, which leads to decisions such as the closure of servers and even their digital stores. It’s been a while since the closure of the Wii U and 3DS digital stores was announced, so many gamers are taking the opportunity to make their final purchases.

And as with recent purchases, a popular Wii U and 3DS player has been made literally, with every game available on both digital stores, including DLC ​​content. After that, he made the decision to make a video through his YouTube channel, talking about the total cost of buying the full catalog.

This is what all Wii U and 3DS games cost

  • Jirard “The Completer” Khalil, is the content creator who purchased the entire catalog of Wii U and 3DS games.
  • The complete collection of Wii U, It has a total of 866 games.
  • For his part, the 3DS, up to 1547 games.
  • Jirard paid for the game catalog of Wii U, a total of 9.042’32€while that of The 3DS cost him €12,264.67.
  • The cost of the full catalog of games for both consoles, it was €21,306.99.
  • A real madness It took him a year to get it.

  • As reported by Nintendo, The Wii U and 3DS digital stores will close on March 27. Thus, from this date, You will not be able to make any type of purchase.
  • Of course, players They will be able to download later, everything they bought previously. In addition to online game and software updates of the two consoles.
  • The content creator himself took advantage of the video he made on his YouTube channel to raise funds and dedicate them to a organization to preserve the history of video games.

The truth is that the madness that this gamer has done undoubtedly shows his love for video games. After getting your hands on the full catalogs, it’s more than obvious that you won’t have time to get bored.

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