Shadow and Bone Season 2 Ending Explained: A Dark Smile and an Uncertain Future

Shadow and Bone Season 2 Ending Explained: A Dark Smile and an Uncertain Future

After watching the second season of Shadow and Bone, it is very clear that its creators hope to make a third episode. Throughout its development, we’ve tracked a few faces known as Alina and Mal, who were looking for amplifiers new or Kaz and his crows, focused on their next move. with unexpected help from Nina. Finally, the General Kirigan was still alive and kicking and preparing a very scary army. But how the second season of shadow and bone?

Alina and her shadow powers

  • In a surprising twist, the third season of Shadow and Bone shows us that Alina has shadow powers.
  • During the attack on the coronation of Nikolai the young woman kills the evil Grisha with a shadow blade similar to Kirigan’s.
  • It is a very unexpected moment, because after the death of the general, it should not be possible for the young woman to invoke the dark powers.
  • This suggests that the connection between these two powerful Summoners is different than we thought.
  • Apparently the same as Kyrigan could control the powers of AlinaShe you can use shadows.

The drug Jurda Parem

The assassin who attends Nikolai’s coronation appears to be much more powerful than a normal Grisha should be. This is because he uses a very powerful drug that amplifies his magical abilities. In the series, we still don’t know her origin, but in the books, she was created by a Shu chemist who engineered her to hide her powers. receives the name of Jurda Better and can increase the power of a Grisha to incredible levels. Despite this, it comes at a huge price, as it is highly addictive and quickly weakens users.

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The powerful drug amplifies the Grisha’s abilities.

What happened to Nikolai?

  • after having been hit by one of the nichevo’ya Kirigan’s heir to Ravka’s throne suffers a horrific injury.
  • Apparently he is not cured, since the infection continues to spread despite the general’s death.
  • Probably the magic he used Kyrigan entered the body of Nikolailinking him to dark power.
  • In the books, this infection ends up turning the king into a hideous gargoyle-like creature.
  • It is likely that in the series transform into shadow monster more like nichevo’ya.
storm dog
Next time we see Nikolai, he might not be so handsome.

The new mission of Mal and Inej

At the end of this second season of Shadow and Bone all characters have been separated. In the case of Mal, Tamar, Tolya, Nadia and Inej, van en el barco de Nikolai, continuing the mission of the corsair and looking for new adventures. It seems, Inej convinced them to go on a mission to find his missing brother.which would have been the prey of the slavers.

shadow and bone season 3

Season 3 of Shadow and Bone on Netflix: Cancelled? renewed?

The end of season 3 shadow and bone prepare, with the destruction of the shade, the next installment of the series. Now that Ravka is no longer divided and they have a new king, most likely the country is reunited and return to have the power he once held. Although this is good news for Alina and her friends, there is a good chance that Fjerda northerners see this new power as a threat. Thus, it is very likely that the main conflict of the following season will be a war with the fjerdans.

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