Have you ever given cane to Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores? Yes, I’m talking about the DLC that came out a few days ago that it enchants the majority of players. In fact, I see better reviews of this expansion than the base game itself at the time. Something similar to what happened with Horizon Zero Dawn and its DLC frozen wild. But hey, now I’m not going to stop to talk about the quality of the DLC itself.

But I will talk about part of its content so if you haven’t seen anything on the DLC and want to stay away from anything that might be related to Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores, so stop reading because I will also put pictures. And so that you can see it better, I write it to you in red, so that there are no frights.

*Spoiler warning: While there’s no mention of a Burning Shores story point, there is mention of an Easter egg that you might want to discover for yourself. Warned you stay!

The Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores Easter egg that references The Last of Us 2

This happened Reddit that a named user AlbusDumbldor shared his discovery he made while exploring the DLC map:

  • Turns out he found a toy bow
  • This gun shoots suction cup arrows instead of real arrows, like the typical arrows many of us had when we were little
  • And for some it seems to be a reference to The Last of Us: Part II, since, without spoilers, you use a toy bow in a minigame that you play in an aquarium in the game

What do you think of this Easter egg? Do you think this is a reference to the last of us 2 or not? This is something that would not be unreasonable, since both games are part of PlayStation Studios studies, despite being from different developers.

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