The anime of “Horimiyaconfirmed a piece of news a few weeks ago that made many fans of the original anime happy:Horimiya -piece-” was introduced as a new official IP anime. Is it a second season? Well no. For practical purposes, the “Horimiya” anime is more than done, basically because the original show included what was all the romance the manga was illustrating at the time. What is this anime then? I’ll refresh your memory immediately.

Horimiya -piece- anime is seen with its official trailer

Before commenting on the most important points regarding the premiere of “Horimiya -piece-“, I’ll leave you with what was today’s big news: the official trailer.

And now write the following things about “Horimiya -piece-“:

  • To begin with, to come back to what I was saying earlier, this new anime will take care of adapting little moments and stories from the manga that were left out during the production of the first anime. Basically, it’s an anime season that serves to tell loose stories that, yes, were canon in the manga.
  • On the other hand, it should be remembered that Horimiya -piece- will premiere in July 2023. No, at the moment we don’t have a release date, so it seems very likely that another trailer will eventually be released with which, in this case, the day the anime will debut will be revealed.
  • As an additional detail, I will remember that it is CloverWorks the studio behind the anime. Between Bocchi the Rock!, Spy x Family, and My Dress-up Darling!, the truth is that the study has a brutal streak of success.

At the time I remember that, despite the fact that the anime “Horimiya” was very well received (and personally I liked it a lot), there were followers of the original material who complained precisely about a narrative rhythm that caused certain content to be omitted. Hopefully the “Horimiya -piece-” anime will ensure that those who weren’t entirely satisfied with the first iteration of the anime will now see that everything that was really worthwhile in the franchise has been adapted.

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