Project Zomboid is a pretty complex game right off the bat, which can make choosing a profession a particularly difficult task in our first games. That’s why today at MARCA Gaming we have brought you a short guide in which we talk about what, for us, are the best professions in the game, both individually and in groups.

And it is that, as is logical, the game changes a lot depending on the number of players that make up a group. Traveling the world alone is not the same as having the support of one or more travel companions. Things change a lot, since we are able to cover more areas, although it is also true that we will need more resources.

The best professions in Project Zomboid

Project Zomboid: the best professions for solo and group play. @MarcosWagih


Although it may seem somewhat contradictory, one of the best professions that we can choose in Project Zomboid when playing alone is that of unemployed. As such, gives us eight points that we can spend as we please in the game’s very diverse features. Considering that we are alone, being a jack-of-all-trades and not mastering anyone will be one of our maxims. Choosing a profession that allows us to start as a white paper is a real plus.


A very interesting profession for players looking for a more direct experience with a lot of action. While not one of our favorites, it’s one of the most interesting once we get guns blazing.. In addition, they never panic, they have good aim and are specially prepared to maintain long fights. The bad thing is that they have quite a few negatives in the traits, but it’s a top notch zombie killer.

Carpenter + Lumberjackcarpenter It is, in all likelihood, one of the abilities that we will use the most during the game. Due to the “ease” of getting wood resources early in the game and the right tools to use them, this is one of the most profitable early game offers. In addition, it is very good to fortify and improve our house from the first minute.

If we combine it with a lumberjack (although this one works great on its own), the combo is brutal. Both are very good both individually and separately. In fact, the Lumberjack is another favorite of ours due to his increased strength and fitness early on, making him an excellent fighter and runner.

Thief + Mechanic

If you play with a friend and form a group of two, the thief and mechanic combo is one of our favorites. While it is true that we will have to invest a lot of time in improving other skills, such as carpentry or agriculture, with this tandem we will be able to acquire vehicles from the start and repair any damage once we have the necessary tools and materials. It’s a great option for having mobility during the first bars of the game. Ideal for players who don’t want to take refuge in one of the main areas and want to move quickly.

Carpenter + Mechanic + Thief + Police (or alternative)

If you’re in a party of four, our favorite combo is the Carpenter, Mechanic, and Thief combo. These three professions work extremely well together as they cover the most basic areas of the game.. And while it may seem like cooking or eating gets overlooked, these are relatively easy-to-elevate professions once you have the resources, and you can get by pretty well without them.

The fourth profession is a little freer. The cop is interesting when he adds an experienced shooter to the group, although the veteran can fill this role just as well.. The addition of a lumberjack is also very interesting. The Unemployed loses a lot of strength by having allies covering large areas, but an interesting support character can be created with his trait bonus points.

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