Council Member Kevin de León announced Monday that the Upper Los Angeles River Area Steering Committee has recommended $25.1 million for the Hollenbeck Park Lake Rehabilitation Project, which would restore one of the world’s oldest parks. oldest and most emblematic of the city.

“This project, a clean and safe water-funded program, will improve water quality and enhance safety in the park and the community,” de León said Monday morning at a press conference.

The councilman said the project was essential to redressing environmental injustices that have plagued the Boyle Heights community for generations.

Los Angeles city workers tore down the fence surrounding Echo Park on Monday, about two years after the park was closed and relocated about 200 homeless people who moved there during the height of the coronavirus pandemic. .

It will meet the needs of the park, in particular:

  • Dredging and reconstruction of the lake;
  • flood risk mitigation; And
  • improved recreational opportunities in the park;

The project will help improve air quality in the neighborhood, reduce major island effects and increase carbon removal, according to his office.

De León said the $25.1 million will be in addition to the nearly $17 million he has already secured from Proposition O, drinking water bond voters approved in 2004.

This proposal authorized $500 million for projects that protect public health and the environment, the Clean California Grant, and other public funds to improve the park and surrounding streets.

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