Hogwarts Legacy: can the other houses be visited in the game?

Hogwarts Legacy: can the other houses be visited in the game?

The choice of Hogwarts house to which one wants to belong is one of the most important that presents itself to any good potter who respects himself at a precise moment in his life. So much so that it’s also one of the most important parts of Hogwarts Legacy: compliant like the start of the game and we will have our faction’s common room available in the castle to visit whenever we want, in addition to other rewards associated with the house in question that are given to us by the sorting hat.

But… Is it possible to visit the common rooms of other Hogwarts Legacy houses? Also; This is precisely the question I want to answer in this article. The answer is short and disappointing, so let’s get to it without further ado:

Can you go to other common rooms in Hogwarts Legacy?

  • Unfortunately, this is something that cannot be done in-game.
  • something that is a pity since we will have to start several different games to see what the common rooms of the other houses look like
  • Also, the game does not yet have a new game mode anymore; something that would be useful to start the title again with a different house
  • The thing is, If you approach the exact location of the common room of another house in Hogwarts Legacy, you will not be able to open the door leading to it.

What are the common rooms like in other Hogwarts Legacy houses?

Bearing in mind the saying that a picture is worth a thousand words, here are the videos I shared the game’s own youtube channel with a tour of the 4 common rooms in case you want to take a look at what they look like in game:





Well, there you have all the data I needed to share with all of you regarding this subject. For me, it’s a shame because, despite being a Slytherin, I always felt a certain affinity with Ravenclaw, so I’ll have to start another game in Hogwarts Legacy to be able to visit their common room. Which Hogwarts house are you from? I read you in the comments.

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