It’s clear that Hogwarts Legacy It has been and will continue to be a real success. the saga Harry Potter showed it could have great potential in the form of a video game, but the community wants more and better. This is explained by a second part, a Hogwarts Legacy 2 which explores everything the first game has to offer for the better (which is a lot), fixes the bad, and adds some new stuff.

That is why I bring you this post in which I will compile all the information that there is or will be on Hogwarts Legacy 2, a delivery that could be even more successful than the first installment launched in 2023. Let’s take a look and any questions you have that aren’t covered here can be left in the comments. Let’s go!

Everything we know about Hogwarts Legacy 2

Is it in development?

First you have to save some statements that the own Games Warner Bros. carried out, so it should be noted that they are totally official.

  • The statements were made by the chief financial officer of Warner Bros. Discovery, which receives the name of Gunnar Wiedenfels
  • The executive said that Hogwarts Legacy “This is the example that the company should now take as a reference”
  • He also commented that there are many riches to be discovered in the wizarding world, despite the disaster caused by the Fantastic Beasts saga
  • The manager? The aforementioned Hogwarts legacy has been such a hit for the company that has set a bright future for the Harry Potter saga in video games

That’s to say, Hogwarts Legacy 2 has not been confirmed, but it was confirmed that there will be more games from the Harry Potter universe. For what yes, there will be a Hogwarts Legacy 2, receive this name or a totally different name.

Gameplay changes

If there is one Hogwarts Legacy 2, What changes to the playable level there will be are still unknown. The first title was characterized by have great depth in combat but not so much in terms of the interaction with the characters, which is something that people missed a lot. Therefore, if they listen to the comments, we can expect much freer exploration as well as More interaction with other characters.

Many have asked for the possibility of make social connections It’s included Being able to have romantic relationships with other characters. Besides that, they also want there are more RPG elements in the manner of Skyrim oh The Witcher 3, where you can improve concrete branches and be a specialist in ranged combat, or melee, black magic, or stealth or even in potions, For example.

And perhaps what the community has missed most is a karma system that really affects how students and teachers treat you and directly changes the story.

new story

It is expected that the story develops but they have many possibilities. They could connect the end of Hogwarts Legacy with a few years before the saga of Harry Potter. And, if so, we might see characters known as Tom Riddle (who is Voldemort), Young Albus Dumbledore or even characters from the Fantastic Beasts saga as Newt Scaramander or some of his classmates.

Another possibility is that go to ancient times even before the history of Hogwarts Legacy. This would make us discover other characters and could give more richness to this great universe.

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Release date

Currently, the release date is unknown. But given that the game was released in 2023, the most likely thing is that it will be necessary to wait until 2025 at the earliest, and we may even have to wait until the release of the PS6 and the next Xbox console, which should be in 2027. Which links us directly to what I will comment below:


As of now, there is no information on which platforms it will arrive for. Hogwarts Legacy 2, but we can get clear information. The game will surely come at the earliest in 2025, and that will surely be later. Depending on the dates, it will be released on some platforms or others:

  • If it arrives before 2027: then it will be released for PS5, Xbox Series, PC and the next console of nintendo. Indeed, the game would no longer reach the PS4 or the Xbox One, this is something totally guaranteed.
  • If you arrive in 2027 or later: It should be taken into account that it is believed that The PS6 and the next Xbox console will be released in 2027. If so, it would affect PS5, PS6, Xbox Series, Next Xbox Console, PC, and Next Xbox Console. Nintendo.


Hogwarts Legacy AMZ off PS5

Hogwarts Legacy AMZ off PS5

  • Pre-order and get the Hippogriff Onyx mount and the Felix Felicis potion recipe.
  • Hogwarts Legacy is an immersive open-world action RPG. Now you can take control of the action and be the center of your own adventure in the magical world.

Well, that’s all we know for now. Hogwarts Legacy 2. Go take a look at this post, as it will be updated with every piece of information that comes up!

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