It was an emotional moment for the staff members of Wags Pet Adoption at Westminster when Bruce, a 2-year-old chocolate brown dog, was finally able to leave the rescue organization after 423 days.

“I’m not crying. Who am I kidding? We’re all crying,” the band said in a post on the social networks in March. “Thank you to everyone who loved him both from inside the shelter and from afar. Thank you all, he is in his forever home tonight.”

When Bruce was rescued, Wags had been told by the previous shelter that he was a problem dog with too much energy and resistance to obedience training.

But shelters can be a scary and unsettling place for young puppies because they’re often too crowded and loud with different animals barking at the same time.

But the rescue organization decided to take a chance on Bruce and paired him up with a foster family to teach him the basic skills of living in a home with a family. The hard work paid off when the Huntington Beach Fabers wanted to bring the pup home to fill the void in their hearts.

“Last year we lost one of our puppies,” said Hilary Faber, Bruce’s new mum. “Bruce reminded me of a chocolate lab bull terrier mix I had as a kid. It was beautiful.”

Thor Faber, the pup’s new father, said Bruce has adjusted well despite a “sibling rivalry” with older dog Mr Reese, whom the couple adopted in 2009.

” He’s a good boy. I just needed a better environment,” Thor said. “We love having him, but I wish someone had adopted him a year ago.”

Bruce was showered with love and had no shortage of cuddles and cuddles in his new home. The pup has even become very attached to his new father, accompanying him to work and on road trips.

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“It lifts its legs and clings to you,” Thor described.

Hilary added that Bruce is often recognized in Orange County after Wags repeatedly posted on social media promoting the puppy’s adoption for more than a year.

“It’s like a movie star!

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