The advent of artificial intelligence and the democratization of its use by Internet users are revolutionizing the world as we know it: Photographs, works of art, academic articles and newspaper articles created by these tools spark a series of debates around morality, ethics and the very concept of art that involves the use of AI.

In addition, these issues have been joined in recent weeks and days by a new trend: that of using artificial intelligence to create fictitious collaborations between artists that have never been produced or to release versions in the voices of singers that otherwise could not be heard in real life.

TikTok and Twitter have become the social networks par excellence where you can share these creations. Thus, we were able to listen to neither more nor less than Ariana Grande interpreting one of the great classics of Taylor Swift, Empty space: his most listened to solo song on Spotify.

And it is that this song, which was composed by our favorite blonde as a satire with which she perfectly recreated the image that in 2014 the tabloids and gossip magazines built of her (a kind of black widow who during the first weeks offered her best face to her conquests to show later that she was completely crazya monogamous serial drug addict) feels completely different in Ariana Grande’s voice.

Her airy voice and her incomparable timbre fit the song like a glove and they prove it. the 6.6 million views on TikTok and the nearly 900,000 “likes” he accumulates on TikTok. Among the comments, two clearly differentiated tendencies: that of those who believe that it is one of the best AIs they have heard to date and that of those who wonder in disbelief how a tool is able to achieve these creations and to “make them ring so true”. ” “.

“It could easily be a thank you, next song” or “I forgot it was a Taylor song” were also among the most repeated comments. We, for now, cannot stop listening to him.

And for you, What is the song created by an artificial intelligence that surprised you the most?

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