this week in love is forever all kinds of emotions will be experienced, and all strong. With two bomb pregnancies that can mean good or bad news (depending on how you look at it), and also: a tragic death.

Thus, the series does not give rest to certain inhabitants of the Plaza de los Frutos who will experience a radical turning point in their lives.

A large number of events which are preparing to join the fiction produced by Boomerang, and which broadcasts Antenna 3 from Monday to Friday from 4.30 p.m.

Chapter of Monday April 24

Andrea gives Alberto another chance when he finds out he got Aurora pregnant. Pelayo wins the tortilla contest – with Maribel’s recipe – and tries to hide the trophy until Ciriaco and Maribel find out.

Carballo confesses to Lucía Osorio that he found the man who ran over her husband. Quintero begins to suspect Alberto in the Marcial Costa case and teams up with Cristina to find out the truth about what happened.

Visi gets a job at a publishing house to translate a romance novel from English. Pelayo confirms to Hugo that Sabino is telling the truth.

Chapter of Tuesday April 25

Pelayo tries to repeat the contest-winning garlic tortilla, but it doesn’t work. Embarrassed, he continues to hide that the tortilla is Maribel’s merit much to Ciriaco’s surprise. Alberto gives Aurora a check to leave Madrid.

Hugo reconciles with his father. Visi discovers that Benigna is making changes to his translation of Mildred Brown’s novel. Luján offers Jorge his surnames. Carballo catches them.

Quintero sneaks into Alberto’s house to try to find a clue that certifies Marcial’s version. Nieves, set to divorce, begins to suspect something has happened to Ricardo.

Chapter of Wednesday April 26

The stork flies over the Plaza de los Frutos again: Carballo is pregnant. Visi is fired after the editorial discovers the free translation she did with Benigna. Libertad disappears, causing Cristina’s anguish.

Aurora Vigo dies tragically, shocking Andrea and Alberto. Luján takes his revenge against Sevilla… but Jorge tries to avoid it with fatal consequences.

The roof of Los Berrocales collapses causing several victims… including Ciriaco and Vicente.

Chapter of Thursday April 27

Jorge prevents Luján from killing Sevilla, turning the commissioner into a threat to both of them, unaware that Carballo is expecting his child. Ciriaco and Vicente are among the victims of the collapse, but one of them is in mortal danger.

Libertad seems to calm Cristina, who is unaware that her daughter’s disappearance is not accidental. Sabino begins to gain sympathy and affection from everyone except Pelayo. Visi reconciles with Benigna, but the “translation” of the novel seems to have a tail.

Chapter of Friday April 28

Benigna’s joy at seeing her translation published is spoiled when she sees that only Visi’s name is published. Sebas tries to dispel Pelayo’s doubts about Sabino, as he continues to seduce Hugo.

Sevilla now have the upper hand and Luján is forced to obey him. Luján declares himself to Concha and she decides not to hide her friendship with Luján, when Carballo surprises them again.

Andrea gropes Alberto about Aurora and Alberto blames Marcelino and Vicente for the collapse. Maribel is acting as Ciriaco’s nurse, when Andrea shows up to visit her.

Marcelino and Vicente are determined to force Ricardo and Alberto to take responsibility for the collapse of the club’s porch.

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