Resistance It’s been five years since its premiere on Movistar+, becoming one of its flagship products. Not only the program, but also two of his classic questions: money in the bank and sex in the past month.

Two questions that in any other space would be completely uncomfortable, in David Broncano’s theater guests can even ask them to answer you.

Thus, a daily morbidity has been created to know what the next famous person who will sit in front of the presenter will say or how he will cope, Grison and Ricardo Castella.

When it comes to money, many slip away, change the subject, pretend not to know, or respond in an abstract way. But plenty of others dared to come clean with numbers, so we ranked the celebrities who said they had the most money (whether that’s true or not is another matter).

Ranking from least to most money confessed

To open the season, we do it with David Broncano who always said he would only answer if Pablo Motos asked him to. And it happened. To visit the anthillthe presenter wanted to know about his heritage and Broncano replied: “More than 500,000 euros and less than 600,000”.

Asked about her heritage, the actress answered ironically: “More or less the same as Resines. A million more, a million less”. If we remember that he had indicated about 12 and adding that she confessed that “he had a little less because I have whims, I spend money on clothes, not like him who keeps clothes from the movies”, he could number about 10 million.

Adrian Mateos, poker player

The world number 1 in live poker, recognized in Movistar+ which, by playing, had earned thirteen million dollars gross. He won his first million euros at the age of 19, during the Main Event WSOP-E. So you can count on around 11 million euros.

For a time, the actor was the leader in the program’s rankings, being the most accurate in terms of the high amount of money he had raised throughout his career. “I have between 10 and 15 million euros, plus around 12, not including the land” he let go and was so calm.

Carlos ‘Ocelote’, businessman

Broncano defined it as the “Florentino Pérez of e-sport”, so he also has an interesting sum of money: around 20 million euros.

Gaizka Mendieta, soccer player

Although it was not easy for Broncano to extract the amount the former athlete could have saved in the bank, he finally confessed to having accumulated 35 million euros.

The singer for a time elevated herself as “the most strongly aligned that has passed through here”, after hinting that her fortunes were above the line. 35 million euros.

Gerard Pique, FC Barcelona footballer

When asked the iconic question, he responded with the phrase: “More legacy than Espanyol’s budget”. A figure that at the time did not reach 60 million euros, so they pointed out that it was around 57 million euros saved on his account.

Nick Mason, drummer for Pinck Floyd

At first, the musician assured that he “answered the question because it is something very intimate” but during the show, Broncano ended up telling him that his fortune revolved around 140 million euros.

José Manuel Calderon, basketball player

“It’s difficult, I played 20 years in the league and 14 in the NBA plus 6, and, finally, an average of what you have there (…) an average of 7 million over 14 years. So, doing the math, this could equal 270 million euros.

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