Mario Henry Garcia, 64, offered services as a tax preparer and paralegal in the city of Miami, but – according to authorities – he helped his clients fraudulently submit immigration applications, in particular Form I485 .

Immigration attorney Liudmila Armas explains that “I485 is the residency application. And there are some candidates, – this is not the case for Cubans – who must demonstrate financial support in order to apply.”

According to the federal prosecutor’s office, when his clients did not have this support or a financial sponsor, Mario Henry García used the information of a previous client, without his consent, for which he now faces charges of identity theft.

The accused fled the country to avoid facing justice, but was arrested in Panama.

According to the lawyer, the consequences of falling into the wrong hands can be greater for those seeking to regulate their immigration status in the country.

People who have been victims of this situation constantly arrive and find out that the person was not a lawyer and when the hearing date arrives they do not show up or send the asylum application to the wrong court , to USCIS when she should be at the wrong one.

However, when things go wrong, the complaint process is often very difficult, with no guarantee for the migrant.

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