One of the world’s most feared anime adaptation projects looks set to continue with Taika Waititi at the helm

anime and live action they still don’t get along; It is a reality from which we have not yet emerged precisely because there was no reason to change it. Every time in Hollywood they force something for their own benefit, the drama keeps taking over everything, and “Cowboy Bebop” is something that I still have very fresh memories of.. However, it seems that the turning point of a historical reference like ‘Akira’ Could Be Coming Soon, And Nothing More And Nothing Less Than Taika Waititi Up Front.

A day is approaching that many have long dreaded

Akira, another live-action anime that will try not to sink at first

So I leave you with the tweet of a journalist from Deadline who claims to have knowledge of the status of the aforementioned live-action feature film:

And now keep in mind the following things about what Justin Kroll says:

  • To begin with, the journalist comments that Akira’s live-action is highly likely to be the next movie we’ll see from Taika Waititi’s hand.
  • The information appeared as a result of the fact that the last few days were announced several new Star Wars projects, but without the involvement of Taika Waititi Apparently.
  • Although rumors have surfaced in the past that Taika Waititi he was getting further and further away from directing this live action to adapt Akira to real life, it feels like the director never really let it all go.
  • The reason why the feature film has gone so long without leaving us any news is that faded into the background when Waititi had to direct Love and Thunder. It gives confidence to know that something like Akira’s live-action was left behind as a wardrobe staple for yet another Marvel superhero movie.

It’s been more than a decade since it all started around a possible live-action “Akira”, since Warner Bros. seemed to really want to push this project forward, and all the while I think it was not possible to give the fan a single iota of confidence. At this point, it’s become clear that the live-action anime adaptation doesn’t matter the names involved or the tickets, but the will one has to do the work justice. , And As good as Taika Waititi is, what can’t be said is that he’s given the slightest bit of confidence that he’s genuinely interested in properly converting this cult work..

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