After our report on Monday, a Cuban couple today has the chance to move forward. They found advice and help from the community. Today, they say they see the future with hope.

Mercedes Dueñas says that “in itself we have already solved the problem of food aid and my husband’s social security has been solved. They gave him the social for his work permit”.

Omar Noriega, assures: “recognizing that some of the problems that we really had are already solved”.

The couple arrived in the United States by crossing the border. They sleep under a bridge in downtown Miami where we met them on Monday.

They told us that they were transferred to Alabama and after finding a job, they were fired for lack of documents. With the winnings, they were able to buy a car. But despite their attempts, without family or friends, since they are not legal, they were prevented from working.

He had temporary parole, but no social number. She with the I 220 A, without the right guide. They also did not receive the assistance provided by the government. But in the past few hours, they said they received help from people in the community.

This afternoon the couple visited the offices of attorney Willie Allen, who pro bono walks them through legal documents.

The couple are still sleeping under the Second Avenue Bridge at First Street in downtown Miami.

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