Today a suspect appeared in bail court who the Palm Beach County Sheriff himself said wanted to kill himself, but at the hands of the police.

His name is Denley Alexis, 20, and police say he was the one who called 911, reporting an unknown person was sitting on a bench outside a restaurant west of Boynton Beach with two knives in hand.

Two officers arrived on the scene within minutes and saw the man, they tried to convince him to drop the knives, but he did not follow orders.

“They again asked him to drop the knives and suddenly he decides to rush towards the officers with the two knives. The first officer fires three times and is shot twice and falls to the ground,” said Palm Beach County Sheriff Sot Ric Bradshaw.

According to the sheriff, they immediately began giving the man first aid until paramedics arrived and took him to a nearby hospital.

“He said to one of the policemen as they loaded him into the ambulance: you didn’t do your job. The policeman asks him what are you talking about, and he says I am still alive. And I think it was a perfect example of what is called suicide at the hands of a police officer.”

According to the authorities, Alexis had already tried, without success, to commit suicide last March.

The man was released from hospital and appeared in bail court today, the judge explained why he was given a high bond.

“Based on the facts, I think his release could pose a danger not only to the community, but to himself, so I think a high bond is appropriate.”

The two officers involved, as per police protocol, are on administrative leave while law enforcement investigates the matter.

The judge set him bail of $250,000 for the charge of aggravated assault on an officer and $3,000 for resisting arrest with violence.

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