If you want a ticket for the foot of the track, prepare your wallet, because it will cost you more than 100 euros

As I already told you recently, soon there will be news from the juicy sea of ​​the long-awaited Party of the Year 3because it will be announced who will be the artists who will perform at the event and, in addition, he tickets will go on sale For those planning to attend the evening. Specifically, this will take place on May 4thas confirmed by Ibai Llanos.

Now this is not the only known thing, since the Basque streamer recently shared more than interesting details, especially if you plan to buy one of the tickets that will go on sale. Exactly, by looking at the title of the post you will already know what I am talking about, so We’ll see those details that were revealed ahead of the highly anticipated Year 3 party.

There are already confirmed prices for tickets for the Ibai Llanos Year 3 Party

  • As Ibai himself confirmed in one of his concerts (I’ll leave you with the fragment that was shared on TikTok by user @elvikingocreador), there is already an established range for Year 3 Party ticket pricesto be held at Civitas Metropolitano on July 1 of this year.
  • Specifically, the content creator stated that Ticket prices will vary between 30 and 120 eurosthe latter being considered premium, which they will even be at the foot of the track.
  • Beyond that, he gave a small clue on the number of people who will be able to attend the Metropolitano stadium, of Atlético de Madrid, which can accommodate up to 70,000 spectators on match days.
  • Now well, We don’t know if the stadium can be filled for the event or if it will be expanded or set a limitFor example.
  • What we do know, as reported by Ibai himself, is that for the lowest tranche, that of 30 euros, there will be up to 17,000 tickets availablea figure that doubles that of the Palau Olímpic de Badalona last year.
  • Otherwise, It is not an index that helps us to know the totalbut something is something.

Either way, we’ll be on the lookout for any future news that may arise regarding the Year 3 Party itself and all of its details. At least, next May 4 we will have an appointment to meet the artists of the event, in addition to being able to obtain our ticket now, if we wish.

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