The players of Genshin Impact they are waiting for what will come with version 3.7, for which there is still some waiting time. But since the version’s private beta is accessible to an exclusive selection of players, some interesting details have already been leaked which deserves to be mentioned. However, today I will focus on the characters that will appear in the banners of version 3.7.

Many of you may even already know the 5-star characters that will be available in version 3.7 of Genshin Impact Or, at least you get the idea, but today I’m going to tell you about the 4-star characters that will also be part of the banners of the next version. Take a look below!

Genshin Impact 3.7 Banners

Again, credits to Kovak In Twitter who is the one who collected and shared the information about the banners of the 3.7 of Genshin Impact. We’ll take a look!

First part

  • 5 stars:
  • 4 stars :
    • Kirara, Chongyun there Yunjin

Second part

  • 5 stars:
  • 4 stars :
    • Yaoyao, Heizou there Xiangling

Which of them are you going to throw away? If you missed the opportunity to have Alhacén in your team, this can be a very good opportunity to have him. Although I have already told you that the best option of all is Kazuha, who for many is the true Archon Anemo. It will all become official in the 3.7 livestream, which will take place in a few weeks, surely near the equator of May. As soon as there is official information, I will let you know as soon as possible!

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