One Piece manga gives us a lot of joy in 2023, and that we have not even reached its equator. Eiichiro Oda began the final saga of the legendary work by presenting the arc of Egghead, the one that enchants fans for its constant “diversions” of the main action to other centers of interest scattered throughout the New World.

In addition to Luffy and his gang’s fight against CP0 on Science Island, Kid and Law have faced Shanks and Blackbeard in all-out battles, and the Navy begins to act to prevent the truth about the Void Century from emerging. We finally see mythical characters fighting correctly. NOW It’s Monkey D. Garp’s turn.

When was One Piece Chapter 1082 released?

  • One Piece will have a new chapter of its manga the next day May 7 at 5 p.m. (Spanish peninsula time)
  • As with the last two versions, the work of Eiichiro Oda will be absent from the next issue of Weekly Shonen Jump and won’t be back until next month
  • Once released worldwide, any user will be able to read it for freelegally and with Spanish translation by Manga More
  • This is why I remind you that the first chapter 1082 spoilers They will appear on the Internet from next Tuesday

And what happened in the previous chapter?

  • Garp and his crew land in the middle of Hachinosu causing a huge crash, and when they finally manage to find Koby, Hibari was frozen by Kuzan
  • The former Navy admiral appears on the scene, challenges Garp to a fight and reveals that in the past he was Garp’s student
  • A flashback is then introduced recounting how Aokiji and Blackbeard met; turns out the Yonko feared the power of the navy, so he chose to drink sake with him and invite his crew
  • In this celebration, the theme of road poneglyphand we discover that there is a rumored that the last of them is possessed by someone known as “the man with the fire scar”
  • Back to the present, it seems Blackbeard defeated Law and his crew (his ship was sunk), but in a moment of oblivion, Bepo eats a Rumble Ball given to him by Chopper and activates his transformation into First of all
  • After making noise, he manages to escape with his captain (who is dying), but heart pirates no longer exist

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