Frida Sofía tells her version after being arrested in Miami

Frida Sofía tells her version after being arrested in Miami

Although Frida Sofía initially tried to evade them by covering her face and walking fast, Frida Sofía ended up giving some statements assuring that her arrest was the fault of a restaurant worker.

“Nothing happened. The truth, it was a simple, literal, the manager of Joia (restaurant) did not like me and they wanted to kick me out, and they kicked me out, but they kicked me out very badly.”

To prove her version, the young woman showed some bruises on her arm and explained: “This was not done by the police, but by security in Joia and they said it was because I had stolen a bottle of water.”

And she added: “I want to sue them, they also grabbed my phone when they were attacking me, because they were the security guys, so when they started attacking me and grabbing all my dress, I brought it up here (upstairs), you could see everything, in first, and they made fun of me, horrible, horrible, horrible, oh no, really, at least you are here, how horrible!, and they stole my phone because I was filming what they had done to me, so tomorrow I do plan to go and file charges, because what they did to me is not worth it.”

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