Marta Riesco sues and threatens Anabel Pantoja in 'Sálvame'

Marta Riesco sues and threatens Anabel Pantoja in ‘Sálvame’: “You on the bench, like your aunt”

Only a few days have passed since the news of Marta Riesco’s lawsuit against Anabel Pantoja was made public after the latter’s statements about what could have happened in Cantora a few years ago between the reporter of ‘El Programa de Ana Rosa’ and other woman.

This Tuesday, both have starred in a tense moment in ‘Sálvame’. During a connection with Kike Calleja, Marta herself has confessed to Jorge Javier Vázquez that she has already sued Isabel Pantoja’s niece:

“I have sued her civilly and criminally. the lawyers tell me that he does have to be afraid, he is going to have to give a lot of explanations to the justice system. She thinks she’s funny. I’m going for civil and criminal against Anabel Pantoja. I do believe in Justice,” she slided sharply.

Anabel, far from shrinking from her words, has challenged Antonio David’s girlfriend to “take her wherever she wants”.

For her part, Riesco has answered the following: “You on the bench, like your aunt.” A statement that has angered the collaborator of ‘Sálvame’:

“May you be very happy with your boyfriend and have good health, you take me where you want Don’t even touch my aunt because you did touch her in Seville to get an interview from her. You’re a jerk and I don’t want you to talk to me, I’m not at your level. Do not talk to me! Sue me, and remember what happened on the 31st, that there are witnesses the last time you threatened me, Marta Riesco,” has assured Anabel Pantoja. The war between the two has only just begun.

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