The truth is that one of the things that motivates me the most lately Fortnite They have to do with the collaborations Epic Games is building between battle royale and the anime universe. And, if I say this, it is because at the moment I have been blown away by each of the crossovers that have come out of this union, but it is that the one in this season 2 of chapter 4 is particularly powerful , given which is based on the Attack on Titan franchise. Therefore, in this article I leave you all the information that exists about the collaboration today in case you want to get some skins from it. Let’s bother

Eren Yeager free for those who have the Season 2 Battle Pass

  • Eren’s outfit matches with the secret Battle Pass reward
  • This implies that it will unlock sometimes in the middle of season 2
  • Considering this one will last until June 2nd, my bet is that it would manage to be available, Maybe end of April

How do you unlock the skin?

  • As an essential requirement, it will be necessary that you buy the Battle Passgiven that will be included
  • As usually happens with all secret skins in each battle pass, this will be associated with a series of missions that will appear in the game in a few weeks
  • When we have completed all these missions we will be able to unlock the skin
  • When the time comes, I will bring you another guide on how to complete them so you can get it fast and easy

New pack with Levy and Mikasa skins

  • Just yesterday, the arrival of these two skins in the game was announced
  • These will be available in the Fortnite store from April 11
  • It is not yet known what the price of the pack in question will be.
  • I leave you with the trailer that Epic Games released for the crossover below:

On the other hand, I only have to remind you that there is a trick to get paVos cheaper in Fortnite with the aim of buying skins without hurting our wallets so much. I leave you with the article in which I explained how below so you can keep an eye on it.

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