Former WWE Wrestlers take Brain damage Case to Supreme Court

Former WWE Wrestlers take Brain damage Case to Supreme Court

Just a few days ago, several wrestlers launched a lawsuit against the WWE company because they believe they did not protect them of brain injuries and because of this they have decided to take the case to the Supreme Court.

An attorney for the former fighters filed a request Wednesday night asking the United States Supreme Court to hear appeals. of lower court rulings that dismissed the lawsuits, saying they were filed after the statute of limitations expired.

Within the suit are more than 50 former wrestlers, many of them who appeared in the 80s and 90s, who allege that they received extensive brain damage, in addition to the fact that WWE was aware of the probabilities of such damage.

Several of those lawsuits were dismissed by a lower federal court in 2018. The plaintiffs include William “Billy Jack” Haynes, Russ “Big Russ” McCullough, Ryan Sakoda, Matthew “Luther Reigns” Wiese and the wife of the late Nelson “Viscera” Frazier, also known as Big Daddy V, who died in 2014.

WWE considers them to be unsubstantiated demands

Jerry McDevitt, an attorney representing WWE, said he did not believe the attempt to revive the lawsuits of the five mentioned fighters were successful, as they consider that they have no basis.

Unlike the NHL and NFL, in which players have suffered similar injuries, WWE involve written moves and choreographed by the company, which makes it directly responsible for such injuries.

A few years ago, the NFL and NHL were also sued by former players in those leagues. The NFL settled for $ 1 billion, while the NHL settled for $18.9 million.

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