The state of Florida, one of those traditionally most affected by tropical cyclones, is preparing like every year for the start of the hurricane season that officially begins on June 1. For 10 days, residents of the state will be able to buy supplies and basic necessities with the tax reduction that by law eliminates the VAT on these items.

From Friday, May 28 to June 6, a wide list of products have their price reduced. For example, items like tarps that cost $100 or less, flashlights priced at $ 40 or less, and self-powered, two-way or weather band portable radios priced at $50 and less.

Ditto for $ 50 and cheaper gas or diesel tanks, as well as AA, AAA, C, D, 6-volt, or 9-volt battery packs, excluding car and boat batteries, which sell for $ 50 or less.

Duty-Free Items to Cope with Hurricane Season in Florida

  • Reusable ice packs ($10 or less)
  • Candles, lanterns, and lanterns ($20 or less)
  • Gasoline or diesel containers ($25 or less)
  • Batteries, excluding car and boat batteries ($30 or less)
  • Battery, Solar or Hand Crank Operated Radios
  • Tarpaulins
  • Mooring kits
  • Portable generators ($750 or less)

According to the official list of products that must be on hand to face a cyclonic emergency, the supplies must last at least two weeks.

“We have all been so focused on the pandemic, it can be easy to forget that hurricane season is just around the corner,” said State Senator Ana María Rodríguez (R-Miami). “This bill encourages advanced planning with tax breaks on key supplies that families and businesses need to prepare for disasters.”

The Florida Department of Revenue notes that the sales tax exemption does not apply to the rental or repair of any qualifying items. It also does not apply to sales at theme parks, entertainment complexes, public lodging establishments or airports.

“The approaching hurricane season is an excellent reminder to prepare not only for storms, but for all potential disasters,” said Jim Zingale, Executive Director of the Florida Department of Revenue. “The 2021 Disaster Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday is an excellent opportunity for Floridians to save money while gathering the supplies they need to be safe.”

Hurricane season begins June 1 and runs through November 30.

In the past three years, four hurricanes made landfall in Florida. For this 2021 the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) forecasts a hurricane season in the Atlantic 2021 “above normal”, with 13-20 named storms.

Other tax holidays in Florida

In addition to the tax-free sales due to the hurricane season, in Florida there will be 2 other sales moments: the new Freedom Week that will take place from July 1 to 7 and will discount items such as boating, camping and fishing; and the back-to-school sales tax holiday will begin July 31 and run through August 9.

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