The world of Genshin Impact is huge, and hides a lot of secrets. One of them is the quest for the nine pillars. Let’s see together how to find it, and especially how to complete it.

It should be noted that a prerequisite, and not the least, is necessary to be able to complete this quest: You will have to make all the possible offerings on the Statues of the Seven Geo to be level 10 and thus get the 9 Stones of memories, and for that, it is therefore necessary to have found the 131 Geoculus from the Liyue region.

Do not hesitate to help yourself with an interactive map, like for example that of MiHoYo which we told you about a little while ago.

To find the quest, you will have to go to the mainland of Liyue, more precisely around the Pente Cuijue, which is west of Guili Plains. By going to the place indicated on the map below, you will see several pillars and most importantly, a tablet in the middle. Interact with it to start the quest.

You will then have the quest which will appear in your quest log. This will ask you activate 9 pillars which seem to harbor a secret.

To be able to activate the pillars, you will have to insert a Stone of memories on each of them. As you go up, you will see that one of the 4 sides of these can accommodate one. Then interact with the pillar to trigger a cutscene, and get a chest Everytime.

Once the 9 pillars are activated, the large door behind the tablet will open. Enter and descend into the arena to fight against multiple opponents. The peculiarity of this fight is that sometimes totems will activate to improve the skills of your enemies. Destroy them to make it easier.

Once the enemies are defeated, the back door will open, and 2 chests will be waiting for you behind, as well as a Nobleman’s Flower, a 5-star artifact. But that’s not all ! You will also find in one of the two chests a dull ring. It has a very special use.

You can sell it to 2 characters who will be indicated on your card. Each will offer you something different:

  • Bring it back to Linlang to recover 200,000 Moras
  • Bring it back to Bolai to recover 180,000 Moras as well as 5 Adept catcher, an epic dish that temporarily improves your attack.

You will also collect 50 First Gems. Congratulations!

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