MIAMI.- The price of gasoline in Florida slipped two cents last week and averaged $3.56 per gallon, just below the highs reached in January and a week ago, under pressure an increase in the value of oil.

Prices could soon become more expensive as worries about global oil supply and its derivatives pushed crude prices higher last week, notes AAA, The Auto Club Group, which tracks gasoline prices.

The price of crude oil in the United States rose only 2%, but that was enough to hit a new high in 2023 of $83.26 per barrel. Ultimately, that equates to what could be a 5-cent raise at gas stations.


Historic flooding in South Florida has resulted in gasoline outages at several gas stations in the region, primarily in the three southeastern counties: Miami-Dade, Broward and West Palm Beach.

Flooding disrupted operations at fuel terminals in Port Everglades, which is the hub for about 40% of the gasoline that sails into the state. To make up for the shortage, gasoline was imported from Port Canaveral, Tampa and Orlando. The good news is that operations in Port Everglades have reportedly been restored and gas supplies in the area should return to normal in the coming days. “It’s just filling the trucks with gasoline at the terminals and delivering the fuel to the gas stations that need it,” says AAA.


The highest gasoline prices the previous week were in West Palm Beach-Boca Raton ($3.74), Miami ($3.65) and Fort Lauderdale ($3.63). While the lowest prices were found in Panama City ($3.44), Crestview-Fort Walton Beach ($3.44), Pensacola ($3.46).

In Miami-Dade and Broward, counties affected by fuel distribution, the average price of gasoline woke up on Monday to $3.66 and $3.63, respectively, while in Palm Beach it rose stood at $3.75, according to the AAA survey.

If you are concerned about gas prices, there are small things you can do to save fuel and therefore money.


There are ways in which drivers can save fuel, here is a list of recommendations from some specialists:

  • Smoother driving, which can make your car engine more efficient. Do not exceed speed or run from one red light to the next.
  • Compare the prices. Depending on where you live, there can be large or small price variations between gas stations. And even if the price difference per gallon is only pennies, it can still add up to hundreds of dollars a year.
  • There are apps like GasBuddy, Gas Guru, and AAA TripTik, which you can use to find the best prices along your route.
  • Some loyalty programs, which many large gas station chains have, offer discounts and most are free.
  • Share trips with friends, family or trusted neighbors who have the same destination or are at least very close. Leaving the car at home for at least a day can make a difference.
  • Maintain the air pressure in the tires of the vehicle at the recommended values ​​and do not load the car to make it heavier.

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