José María Lara ‘Txepe’, arrested in Lavapiés for taking a policeman’s truncheon

There Madrid Municipal Police appeared on Saturday in the Plaza de Lavapiés after receiving a notice of a fight between young people. Officers attended the scene and, after separating those involved, asked for documentation to all. One of them refused to provide the appropriate data and He was stopped with resistance.

Once stopped, already in the car, the young man he started banging his head and the officers bet on getting him out of the vehicle in an attempt to calm him down. Unable to ease the tension, the inmate began beating himself. head with carwarning officers: “You will have to explain it to the judge”he said before falling to the ground.

After the fall, those present accused the officers of assaulting the young man. One of them was Jose Maria Lara Fernandez, known as ‘Txepe’ Lara, a former member of ETA. Lara snatched the tusk from one of the officers and, after refusing to return it, warned him: “I’m going to put it in your ass.” Eventually he was arrested.

The filmmaker also traveled from Pamplona to the capital this weekend to attend an act of Podemos. Lara’s arrest provoked reactions from different sectors of the left. Alejandra Jacinto, The united candidate of Podemos in the Assembly of Madrid, demanded an explanation from the mayor of the capital, José Luis Martínez Almeida, recriminating the attitude of the agents. For his part, the senator of Gero Bai and candidate for mayor of Pamplona, Koldo Martinez, He expressed his solidarity and support for “our friend who was arrested for defending human rights”.

Jose Maria Lara Fernandez nation in 1948. At the age of 8, he moved to Germany, where he spent his childhood. He graduated in Photographic Engineering at Cologne State School. In 1974 he decided to return to Spain and join ETA, a year later, he entered prison and in 1976 he was pardoned and released. That same year, he would enter the organization again.

Lara started in the world of cinema as the head of photo assistant and camera. Shortly after, in 1987, he decided to found his own production company, a company that allowed him to promote the careers of great filmmakers such as Ramon Barea, producing films like “Goodbye Toby, goodbye”, in 1995 or “Pecata Minuta”, in 1999.

Between 1985 and 1986, with other filmmakers, he promoted the creation of Association of Basque Filmmakers. Actions in favor of Basque culture which, together with his work behind the scenes, led him to be awarded in 2019 by the Cinema Awards at the Donostia Film Festival, an honorary prize that the Festival and the associations of producers give with the aim of recognizing the career of an important figure in the Basque film industry.

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