We end the day with regard to the section on CCSit is by solving a challenge that allows you to obtain several cards Inform In FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. Before that, we must remind you that in the last few hours we have known Italian league TOTS nomineesas well as The ace Statistics free silver card coming into the game.

SBC “TOTW 81+ upgrade”

We will have margin until friday june 23 at seven o’clock in the afternoon (Spanish peninsula time) to complete this challenge. The prize will consist of a pack of an In Form (IF) player with an average of 81 or more among all TOTW of the year (1-26). It will be repeatable without limit of attemptsalthough the letter that touches us it will not be transferable.

  • Minimum team star value: 81
9,450 coins in general market and 10,750 in PC

It doesn’t seem interesting to us to look for competitive cards, since most IFs don’t stand out at the moment in the gameplay.

However, yes, this could be a useful SBC if you need FIs to complete a squad building challenge and they don’t fit in your club. In this case, instead of buying it, you can complete the SBC with untradeable cards to save coins. Aside from the fact that maybe in a while transferable IFs will become more expensive due to the absence of new teams of the week.

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