yesterday we published review on Gennaro Gattuso’s SBC map, but new versions of transferable legends have also arrived in FIFA 23. And even if some of them are very attractive but have prohibitive prices, others can be signed without spending large sums. Well, today I want to recommend one of the second groups: Patrick Kluivert Anniversary FUT Icon. In my opinion, the best value for money DC Icon from Ultimate Team.

Positions: DC and SD. Its current price is 149,000 coins on the global market and 142,000 on PC (according to He has four stars for skill and five for bad leg, high/low work rate, balanced body type, is 1’88 tall and right-handed.

Why is Kluivert a great DC for FIFA 23?

I don’t think he was ever a very popular legend in Ultimate Team and that’s why he didn’t get a lot of attention. Other than that, some users might be concerned about his combination of agility and balance of 80, at 1’88 tall. He’s clearly not an exquisite dribbling striker and that reduces his value, but he’s not excessively rude either..

His little lack of dribbling it does not destroy the rest of the virtues. And one of the most remarkable is the nose that marks. After applying Hunter, he reaches 99 completions and 98 shot power. Aside from the fact that he shoots very well with his left or right hand. That’s why he’s a great finisher, someone who’s pretty sure at shooting.

Bad leg five made Kluivert Icon FUT Birthday Don’t be so limited at short distances, against closed defenses. And when you have room to run, it can also be decisive. To combine smart deactivations thanks to the 94 (98) positioning with chemistry, to be close to perfection in the rhythm and to be quite strong.

Reaching 88 in strength and measuring 1’88, he’s not the typical FIFA 23 Ultimate Team striker who can be easily outbalanced by his rivals. He endures some struggles and that makes him even more dangerous in long runs.

Also, Kluivert Icon FUT Anniversary can also be useful as an assistant. Because those aren’t amazing stats anymore, but his 87 short passing and 85 vision are still solid numbers for a striker. Enough to hit almost every time.

Therefore, he lacks dribbling but he’s not horrible in that aspect either. And for a fairly modest price for a former footballer, it combines a pass more than correct, definition at the top, four stars for skills, five for the bad leg and a high level with spaces. He is a goalscorer capable of damaging different defensive systems and fits into any FIFA 23 Ultimate Team XI.

Even more valuable in the new generation than in the old generation

Due to gameplay differences, Kluivert Icon FUT Birthday is more special in the next generation. Because his dribbling flaws are less visible, being so reliable in shooting is even more positive, and his size allows him to be even more useful on long runs.

In the older generation, it doesn’t seem so valuable. It works great anyway, especially if you as a user are not a watermark expert. But It doesn’t make much difference due to his goalscoring ability compared to other alternatives, and feels more inconvenient.

Here you have Baku FUT Anniversary article there a recommendation for the central position. If you want to know when we release content on FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, You can subscribe to the Telegram broadcast channel. Good luck!

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