If you are behind Best Warzone 2 Settings, You are in the right place. Adjusting your settings not only changes how the game looks, but more importantly, it can improve its performance. A higher performance level in a match could give you an edge over an enemy that fights with a low FPS number or an enemy that has a low FOV.

Of course, it’s worth checking if your PC can actually run the Battle Royale game by quickly analyzing the system requirements for Warzone 2. As long as you meet the minimum requirements, Warzone 2 settings can be modified so that you get the best possible performance of the free game for pc.

Best Warzone 2 graphics settings for FPS

Knowing the specs of your own PC will give you an idea of ​​which preset to choose initially, and while we’re going through and tweaking everything, it helps if the quality preset is somehow in line with your computer’s power.

Screen resolution

The first thing you’ll want to change is your screen resolution, and while you’ll get the sharpest image by matching your monitor’s resolution, you’ll get additional FPS by lowering the resolution. If you’re aiming to hit a certain frame rate, you have the option of enabling dynamic resolution, which will change the game’s resolution during a match depending on what’s on screen, so the number of FPS remains constant.

Increased scale and sharpness

This is a setting that, depending on your graphics card, will give you several options to improve game graphics using the manufacturer’s proprietary technology. Nvidia DLSS, for example, uses deep learning artificial intelligence to increase frame rates while keeping the displayed resolution as high as possible. Choosing “Ultra Performance” in this setting will give you the biggest boost to your FPS in a match.

texture resolution

Textures rendered in a Warzone 2 game arguably have the biggest impact on your CPU and VRAM, so if you find that when you enter a new area your FPS tends to drop, or during firefights it may be worth setting it to normal, or even lower. If you focus on dealing with the enemy in front of you, the quality of the bricks at your feet isn’t much of an issue.

particle quality

Setting the particle quality to normal or low will ensure that if someone throws a grenade at your feet or places an armor-piercing charge on the wall next to you, that’s the only thing you need to worry about. Explosions not only damage your Warzone 2 operator, but can also lower your FPS, so lowering the quality at which the game renders particles will help maintain a consistent frame rate.

There you have the best Warzone 2 setup. You’ll notice that we’ve focused mostly on performance rather than visuals, and that’s because your main goal is to survive and take out your opponents. You can’t do this if your rig is struggling to spawn a flowerbed 20 yards away, even if you’re using one of Warzone 2’s best weapons as part of Warzone 2’s best loadout. Believe it me, we tried that.

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