a few hours ago he arrived a new batch of improvements for RTTF and now FUT Ballers has started in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. It’s a new event with a new dynamic, so we will explain how it works.

FIFA 23 – How to Get the Best FUT Balls

  • All FUT Ballers players announced so far (minus Mason Mount, which will be an exception) will be available through SBC. But to get an even more powerful version, you will need to complete a specific objective (for example, in the case of Luis Díaz, they ask to score a quality goal with him in five different matches of Squad Battles or Division Rivals).
  • To arrive at a daily FUT Ballers Squad Building Challenge from today (March 17) to Thursday, March 23.
  • If we complete all the SBCs of FUT Ballers and exceed the goals of each of the footballers, we will receive as a global reward at Mason Mount FUT Ballers with an untradeable +80 five-player pack.
  • It also seems that completing all of the challenges will allow us to get First Team Secured FUT Anniversary Pack.

Who are the FUT Ballers players in the group and when will they arrive?

  • Luis Diaz: It is now available.
  • Patrick Bamford: Saturday March 18
  • Dejan Kulusevsky: Sunday March 19
  • Alex Oxlade Chamberlain: Monday March 20
  • Jack Greish: tuesday march 21
  • Noni Madueke: Wednesday March 22
  • Edson: Thursday March 23

What do we still don’t know?

  • As you may have verified, all FUT Ballers in the group belong to the Premier League. We don’t know if more from different competitions will arrive later.
  • Among the players of the FIFA 23 Ultimate Team concept, the characteristics of the Mason Mount FUT Ballers can be seen. But It is not known what the other footballers will bewe don’t know what game stars and stats each will have.
  • Also we don’t know what goals will have to be overcome to receive the most powerful version of each FUT Ballers. We only found out what the Luis Díaz challenge is (because it is already available in FIFA 23).
We would get this card from Mason Mount if we had already completed the challenges of the other seven FUT Ballers in the group (but for now we only know the challenge from Luis Diaz). He has four stars in skills and a bad leg, Body Type Delgado, he is 1’80 and his positions are MCO and ED.

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