If we discussed a while ago leaks on the POTMNow is the time to talk about another quite remarkable one. And it is that, according to @FootSheriff, Vinícius Júnior would reach FIFA 23 as FUT’s birthday. His stars should therefore be perfect and he will probably be one of the most powerful footballers in the celebration. Apart from that, he is also said to have fled to Bruno Guimaraes (Brazilian Premier League midfielder).

FIFA 23 Filter – Vinicius Junior FUT Birthday

The lessor does not specify how it would be available, but the logic is that it comes out in envelopes. And since his previous special versions of FIFA 23 are already very expensive (the Path to Glory and Honorable Mentions), he is likely to be one of the most expensive footballers FUT Anniversary.

I would combine five skill stars with a bad leg. And since his rhythm is already perfect in the previous item, we could still improve other aspects with chemistry style. Apart from that, his slim body allows him to be even more skilled with the ball.

It is his best letter to date. He’s over two million and doesn’t have five bad legs, so the FUT Birthday prize could be impressive.

So, Vinícius Júnior would have many options to become a brutal striker in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team like FUT Birthday. But I also feel that its price will be exorbitant, both for its features and for its popularity. AND maybe he is one of the players on the current loading screen.

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team loading screen with FUT Birthday player tips.
It could be the Brazilian who appears on the left.

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